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Renting in Malta this 2021

If you’re planning on moving to Malta to study English and looking for information about renting in Malta, you’ve come to the right place. 
Lately Malta has been one of our most sold destinations abroad. Many students enjoy travelling to Malta and who can blame them? It’s Sunny all year round, there’s many international students communities, locals speak English which makes it perfect for practice, it’s a very friendly and safe country, there are many amazing job opportunities and, most importantly, cost of living is very low compared to the rest of Europe! 

How much is rent in Malta?

So the big question, how much is rent in Malta? Of course, these prices vary a lot. So the average we’re gonna mention today is very subjective. 
Renting in Malta, for a one bedroom apartment, the average price will be around 750-800€. And we’re not talking about a simple boring apartment, you can find beach at walking distance places for that price! There’s also many cheaper studios around 400€, and more expensive lofts for over 1200€, but today we’re only talking about, average renting in Malta prices. 

Who can rent apartments in Malta?

As long as you’re over 18 years old, you can rent a home in Malta, there’s no other restrictions. If you’re just renting for a few months while studying in Malta, you can ask for a short let contract, these only last up to 6 months and are specifically for non-resident workers and students from abroad. 
renting in malta

How can I find accommodation in Malta?

To find accommodation and start renting in Malta, you can just Google “renting in Malta” and will find many options. However, we recommend you visit the following sites to take a look:
  • Just Landed is a platform created in 2003 that help people moving country. Today, more than 170 million people live, work and study abroad thanks to Just Landed. 
  • Facebook has many groups where you can rent apartments from private tenants, here’s a link to a Group we love using for this. Marketplace is also amazing 
  • Flatmate is a free platform where you can put your flats for rent or rent them yourselves, we love using it in Australia!
  • Maltapark is another free platform where you can rent places specifically in Malta, let us know which one’s ur fav!
We hope you enjoyed this post, let us know in the comments when you’re moving to Malta!

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