interesting facts about malta

Interesting facts about Malta you didn’t know

Here’s 10 interesting facts about Malta, the mediterranean island where enjoying the sun is a total must. Malta may be a small island,  but there’s tons of interesting facts about Malta for you to find out. Read the full article to learn more!

10 facts about Malta you probably didn’t know

1. Food vans

It’s not the most common thing to find in Malta, but in some towns there are still vans that sell things like bread, ice creams, doughnuts, gas cylinders and bigilla (Maltese traditional dip).

They don’t have a fixed schedule but it’s pretty obvious to notice when they’re close as they make a lot of noise which no one could miss because of how loud it is. 

Did you have food vans in your home as a kid? The best ice creams always came from those trucks!

interesting facts about malta

2. The best weather you could ask for

The average weather temperature is 23°C. And the low to high averages aren’t even that aggressive, in January the daily average is around 12°C, while the highest average in August reacher 27°C. 

Also, the average hours of sunshine are approximately 8.4h. 

interesting facts about malta

3. It’s completely safe to drink tap water.

In most areas in the Maltese island, it’s completely safe to drink tap water.

The only reason why you’ll see people drinking bottled water is just because of the taste preference. 

4. Malta has two official languages

The languages are: Maltese and English. an interesting fact about Malta is that until 1934 Italian was also an official language. For this reason, the population of Malta doesn’t speak only Maltese and English, but also widely understands Italian.

5. “There are more people from Malta in Australia, than in Malta.”

Another interesting fact about Malta that is very popular is that there are more Maltese living in Australia than in Malta. However, there are 200.000 Maltese living in Australia, but around 450.000 people living in Malta. 

Now the question is, are those 450.000 people in Malta Maltese? 

6. Cars drive at the left-hand side of the road.

Because Malta has been under the rulership of the British for so long, they’ve inherited the law of driving at the left side of the road, just like in England and in Australia. 

Careful with the roundabouts! 

interesting facts about malta

7. Malta has no Forests

One of the only things that the island of Malta misses, is forests. There’s just one tiny forest called Buskett. Actually, “Buskett” comes from the Italian word Boschetto, which means, little forest.


8. Maltese are very kind and helpful

One of the friendliest and interesting facts about Malta is that the people who live on the island are incredibly kind and helpful. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re lost or don’t know what to do, just ask the neighbours for help! 

9. Very low crime rate

There’s very little crime in Malta, so no matter how old you are or what your gender is, you’ll feel very safe wherever you go.

interesting facts about malta

10. Malta loves gossip

Like almost everyone in the world, Maltese love gossip. This means, everyone knows almost everything about everyone. Even if you’re not interested about something, you’ll probably sooner or later figure out everything going on in your town. Word spreads too quickly.

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